My left knee and other updates

After the meditation retreat, it took me a while to get my different acts together. Going back to Europe for Christmas and New Year, seeing my wife and my family after a few months’ absence was a great thing, as always. Took a few days off in Kitzbuehel, actually went skiing over New Year’s, beautiful and inspiring. It’s the only sport I really care about, and the one I am best at. But somehow, these few days of intensive skiing must have disturbed the relative peace of my left knee.

A few days after our return to Bangkok in mid January, I twisted my left knee when entering a taxi. If this was facilitated by the skiing, I can only presume. Maybe it just happened. Anyway, for the next four weeks, I experienced an ordeal of pain, with splashes of improvement when my brother (a qualified doctor on visit to Thailand) extracted the fluid out of my knee (ouch!) and gave me a preliminary diagnosis of a ruptured meniscus. I finally got an MRI done in Bangkok, at Bumrungrad, and it confirmed my brother’s suspicion. I needed to get an operation asap.

During the last four weeks, not only did my knee hurt, but in order to control the inflammation of the bone, I had to take Voltaren, and this drug clearly alters my mind – I become queasy and unfriendly and overreacting to just about anything. I hate it.

So I arrived in Vienna a week ago, spent most of the weekend waiting for my insurance to clear the operation, suffering from pain and the side-effects of the drugs and the cold weather generally pop over to this web-site. Finally, Tuesday morning, my friend Peter Valentin made the arthroscopic surgery necessary to clean up the mess inside my knee. He took the opportunity to apply a special chiseling technique to my gristle and bone so the relatively thin gristle would get the chance to grow back. Great job, I must say. Two days after the OP, and I barely feel any pain. I am walking with crutches, sure, for a few days, trying not to put any weight onto my left leg – but I am free of pain, already better than before.

Events like this always help do/undo situations in my mind – and I figured that keeping this blog as my English language mouthpiece is be the best idea – the open question being what I should do with my German language entries and texts. The answer to that was that my idling blog will now become my German language “outlet”. First thing, I will re-publish the blog I have written 10 years ago, during my trip around the world, in an era where you had to set up your own web-pages to be able to do a blog. So if you can read German and don’t know these stories from 2001/2002, go to and check it out. There are a few pics as well, for all those who can’t read German or just like pics…


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